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South Africa is a primary supplier of a diverse abundance of raw minerals and mineral products exported every year to over 80 countries globally with approximately 50 unique minerals being produced by over 700 mines.

The South African economy has been built on a foundation of gold and diamond mining with gold responsible for more than one third of exports. By the end of 2009, the SA diamond industry was one of the top 5 largest in the world. Coal, Chrome and Manganese are also major minerals produced.

There are currently significant possibilities for discovery of other deposits still to be scrupulously explored. South Africa’s mineral reserves are made up of energy minerals, precious metals/minerals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals/minerals, and industrial minerals.

Taking into account the history of South Africa and the united mineral wealth, it is not surprising that the country’s mining sector is an important aspect in the global industry. South African strengths in this context include high levels of production and industrial expertise, and widespread knowledge regarding research and activities in development.

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