Renewable Energy redefining
the future

Renewable Energy


Over the last few years South Africa has endured power crunches due to a thin energy reserve. It is clear that the country is in need of alternative energy sources. Sources that are more flexible allowing for energy supply increases.

By 2030 it is estimated that 42% of new electricity capabilities will be from renewable energy sources. Currently, Eskom produces approximately 95% of the country’s electricity, mainly through coal-fired power stations.

Currently, 3 renewable energy projects are underway and are expected to be functioning mid 2014. The projects are a wind farm in Jeffrey’s Bay (projected to power over 200 000 homes with renewable electricity), a solar PV farm in the Northern Cape and a solar PV farm near Kimberly.

South Africa is among the highest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world and the largest on the African continent. By 2020 emissions are expected to reduce by 34% and by 42% in 2025.

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