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Great. Thank you very much. You are awesome :) It is really a pleasure to work with you guys. Nice, that the service was not just super friendly, but also very efficient and successful. I will do Permanent Residence with you as well, promised.

Christian, Journalist


Sanders South Africa – First in Bedding

South Africa – First in Bedding (Pty) Ltd. is a supplier of high quality duvets and pillows for the hotel business, hospitals and private households.

Our success in South Africa is also based on the cooperation with IBN Consulting and its director Andreas Krensel. To expand and open up a new business segment we consulted IBN Consulting in 2007 to provide us with a report about the economic situation in South Africa, the labour, corporate and residential law and the role of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) as well as the calculation of costs. This data served our management as a comprehensive and convincing base to distribute our goods in South Africa.

Thanks to IBN and their global network, getting the residence permits for our directors was fast and uncomplicated. Their extensive service also contains establishing the legal structures, handling of taxes, finalizing labour and lease contracts as well as helpful business tips regarding payment targets, customs and the import of our products.

Even after starting our operational business in South Africa, Andreas Krensel and his team always were a competent and conscientious partner which we could rely on.

Additionally IBN Consulting worked out the ideal BBBEE-Strategy which is essential for selling our goods in South Africa. The communication with the highly qualified team always worked flawless. The high degree of competence combined with passion for their work make Andreas Krensel and his team the perfect business partner to be and stay successful with your business in South Africa.

Sanders South Africa – First in Bedding



It’s wonderful for an advertiser to be able to fully support an advertising message. It makes it easy to praise a product or a company. IBN has often assisted us during our time in Cape Town. For a digital agency that was established in Munich and continues to count renowned companies in Germany among its clients there are a lot of potential pitfalls in the areas of labour law and international agreements.

Fortunately we only heard about these through hearsay, since IBN and Andreas Krensel have taken care of everything – often long before we were even aware of the existence of a potential problem. Fast and efficient. It doesn’t get any better.

Not only did he help us as a company (General Terms and Conditions, BBBEE consulting, Lease Agreements), but also several of our employees. For some of our positions we are reliant on specialists from Germany. Thanks to IBN we have been able to offer an exceptional service to our preferred candidates when it came to arranging their legal entry into the country or even a long-term stay.

I am sending you our best wishes and many thanks from all of us at GSDH



Our Organisation has been working with IBN and Sue-Allan Mehl for the past 2 years. We have consistently been satisfied and impressed with the qualitity of work IBN has delivered and the way in which they conduct business.

We are happy to recommend IBN and Sue-Allan in particular to other organisations that require immigration service.

Our Organisation is an international medical humanitarian organisation which seeks to uphold international quality standards in our life-saving medical work. We expect the same of our service providers. We are happy to count IBN and Sue-Allan among the few service providers who meet with our standards.

We would like to bring to your attention ther willingness to always go the extra mile when delivering services.

Yours sincerely,

Zoya Naidoo,

Head of Admin & Finance


I would like to thank the entire IBN Team for their professionalism and efficiency.

IBN Consultants accompagnied me with the setting up of my business in South Africa and determining the right strategy to be operational as quickly as possible. The service provided by the consultants is outstanding and the follow-up of actions was a great relief during the whole process. The IBN team really surpassed my expecations.

Special thanks to Teri-Anne and Stephanie. I will strongly recommend you:-)

Kind regards,

Damien Houlle


Dear IBN

I have used IBN Consulting & Immigration for the past 24 months and I’m very satisfied with your service. IBN delivers a professional, efficient service, which I find very accommodating. I am particularly pleased with your pro active approach and assistance in finding solutions for difficult situations.

Your consultants have always been friendly, kind and informative, which I find to be a plus point as well. I would certainly recommend IBN Consulting for any immigration related issue.

Many thanks for your assistance in making the process as smooth as possible.

Kind Regards



I have been working closely with IBN, and in particular, my personal Immigration Consultant, Sue-Allan Mehl, for close to three months now, and have bulit a solid working relationship with her and the firm during this short time. I receive regular timely updates and feedback with regards to pending corporate work permit applications, and receive excellent advice/counsel on immigration/legal related matters.

I would without question recommend IBN Consulting & Immigration as a first choice for an integrated immigration consulting solution.


Fabian Goodwin

Operation Manager


I have nothing but great things to say about IBN, their staff and competence. I used them when I moved to South Africa and used them again to get a spousal Visa and work permit. Their are ON TOP of their game. I owe them a lot! If you have any need to travel to SA or open new markets for your products, IBN is all you need.

Zach Powers


I found the service we received at IBN to be very professional and of the highest quality. We were always kept informed of proceedings and the friendliness of the staff has made the entire experience a very pleasant one. I highly recommend IBN to anyone that can make use of the excellent services.

Louis-John Kuylaars


Hey, I’m so thrilled I found your website. I was looking around for South Africa-related weblogs when I arrived at your one. I’m aware that South Africa is a mammoth and fascinating place, and I would like to say congrats for a primo post and an all round fabulous blog. I count on seeing a ton more from you in a little while, so please keep up the first-class posts!



A year ago I settled with my family back in South Africa where my wife is from. Being married to a national doesn’t spare you from tedious paper work as well as long hours spent at the immigration office. Having already been through it a few years back, I didn’t want to repeat the unpleasant experience. Registering a company was also on my list. IBN was recommended to me by a friend to whom I am very thankful.

They offer very efficient and friendly services, seem to have a thorough understanding of the South African laws and made my life simple.

It is my turn now to recommend them!

Cedric Leherle, Cape Town